If You Really Want To Make Money Off Your Affiliate Marketing Blog It Must Have These 3 Components

Correct me if I am wrong however the whole point in having an affiliate marketing blog is to make money right? If that’s the case then why is it that most people that blog with that intention don’t make any money? Let me forewarn you, the things that I’m going to say in this article may go against what you have been traditionally taught https://paretolawrence.co.uk/.

It may even rub you the wrong way. However I am coming from a place of service in hopes that you will see the light like I did and possibly start earning some money from your blog.

Now I know that we’ve been taught to get our own WordPress blog, put banners up off the different affiliate marketing programs that we are in, blog, and you will make money.

There are a few challenges with this whole concept. Most people are not technical and take months just to get their blog hosted and setup. Another problem is that selling is psychological. There are certain words, images, and placement that you must use and have in order to generate income from your affiliate marketing blog.

I’m not trying to go deep here with the reason why all this is doesn’t work for the masses. It’ll take too much time. I’m more of a solution oriented guy. I want to show you what works now so you can get results.