How to Have a Blog – The Real Deal Part II

Now that you’ve got my own ground rules about how to have a blog, it’s time to turn to your own personal goals for your blog Do you want this blog to be personal? Is this your proof to show how to blog for profit? Decide your purpose for the blog, and you’ll know just how it’s going to turn out. Whether it be personal, eclectic, news based, or solely for money, your topic will change how you want to go about things.

If you want to blog for profit (woot!), your strategies will be completely different from, say, a personal blog. To know exactly how to have a personal blog, I asked my good friend James. He runs a small personal blog (probably one that you’ve never heard of) and he loves doing it. He has no monetization, but he does have a good readership. People comment and such.

He says, “In order to get this right, you need to know your true purpose. For me, a blog is like a journal. I can post my thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams into this one very cool site. Plus, it gets rid of stress.”

Profit blogs rely on information. That’s probably why blogging for profit is also called “informational blogs”. You will post articles that are about certain topics. Too hard? Not a problem. As mentioned in Part I of this short series (but still a series), the WordPress AdSense System can guide you through it. Optimizing each article is easy because the system will show you how to write and what kind of language to write it in.