Home Fitness Workout to Lose Belly Fat

Are you trying lose belly fat without going to a high priced gym or purchasing expensive products? Then you may just want to try out exercising at home. Without even performing long, boring cardio, you can easily drop fat with 2-3 high intensity workouts at home using just your bodyweight and a pair of dumbbells.

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Studies prove that high intensity training is better at burning fat than traditional weight training and cardiovascular training methods. I like high intensity training because it saves me money. I usually organize my workouts into a superset fashion.

Supersets are where you perform two exercises back to back with little to no rest in between. For example, try to perform a set of pushups followed by a set of pullups. Notice how elevated your heart rate is. What this kind of training does is boost your metabolic rate.

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Boosting your metabolic rate is more important than focusing on how many calories you burn with a particular exercise. This is because you burn calories on a daily basis, regardless how much you exercise. People with fast metabolic rates are naturally lean because their fast metabolism helps them burn off a lot of calories and prevents fat gain.

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