How to Use WordPress to Build Your Personal Brand & Just How Personal Should a Blog Be?

Blogs usually have something of a personal aspect to them. While blogs cover as broad an array of topics as do magazines and newspapers, they’re generally not as formal as those types of publications. For that reason, you can usually get away with journalistic no-no’s such as talking about yourself now and then, being blatantly in favor or opposed to a position, or openly being a fan or detractor of any given product

There is, however, a line that you need to avoid crossing. On some blogs, the writing becomes far too much about the writer.

Blogs are resources that people turn to for specific information and, to some extent, sites that they visit for simple entertainment. This means, of course, that a blog has to define itself, as there’s really not a defined purpose for a blog like there is for a newspaper, whose purpose is to inform. What your blog is about is entirely up to you. If you have expertise in a certain area, writing about that field is always a fine choice. If you have an interest in news or politics, you may enjoy some success as a blogger, provided that you’re talking about something outside of yourself most of the time.

Blogging is a great opportunity to build your personal brand, and WordPress is the most potent platform to use given that the search engines love fresh content. But remember, this is not a place to talk about “you” per se; it IS about sharing your point of view on a specific topic. Using WordPress to build your personal brand is about branding… not you. Make sense?